How To Choose Best Induction Cooktop

How To Choose Best Induction Cooktop?

Technology making things done in such a small time, with less cost and with less hardwork, also our time spent in kitchen. Induction cooktop is one of the such appliance, with the use of technology you can save your time as well as your money. The technology used in Induction Cooktop not only saving your time but it also providing the best safety feature that prevent burns and other injuries.

Planning For Induction Cooktop? - My Tips

There are lots of Induction Cooktops available in market and even in online stores. Because of that it becomes really difficult to choose which Induction Cooktop you should buy. To save your time, we have come up with some great list of Top 5 Best Induction Cooktops that are available in Indian Market.

Best induction cooktop

How To Select Best Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop is also known as "Induction Cooker". Before buying Induction Cooktop you must know some basic things which are useful to decine which Induction Cooktop you should buy.

Best Induction Cooktops Brands

First thing we should always check when buying any product is it's Brand. Brand defines almost all the things of that product. So I'll also suggest you to buy Induction cooktop from best brands online. There are some top brands in the market of induction stoves. Below we are providing you the list of best brands of induction cooktops for home use :

  • Philips
  • Prestige
  • Pigeon
  • Bajaj

Induction Cooktops Pros and Cons

There are number of advantages or pros of using Induction Cooktop but the one main advantage that I like is how fast it heats up food and water in your cooking vessels. They are more energy efficient than that of Gas. And Induction Cooktop allows you to vary the temperature of the element without waiting much.

The only Cons of Induction Cooktop is its louder sound than that of Gas or any other electric stove. But this con of Induction Cooktop can be negleted with some settings provided on presets menu option.

Use of Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktops are very easy to use because the use of technology. There are many options present on preset menu of Induction Cooktop. You can select any one option that suits for your cooking. Like if you are boiling water then you can select 'boiling water' option from menu. The best option is that you can vary time and temperature so that it can boil the water fast. There's nothing difficult to use Induction Cooktop.

Power Usage

Induction Cooktops are as powerful as Gas or any other electric stove. Most Cooktops ranges in power between 1,400 to 3,700 watts of power. However, some of the best and high quality induction cooktops offer boost feature. This feature provides  maximum power to heat up your dish, whether it is searing food or boiling water. 

Safety Feature

In Induction Cooktop, heat gets directly transferred to the cooking vessel, the cooktop surface doesn't get heated as hot as gas or electric cookware. This increases the safety of the user handling induction cooktop. It also has the automatic OFF feature. So whenever you'll set time limit for any of your cooking pupose, it'll directly get turn off after your set time reached. So Induction Cooktops are very safer to use. Anyone can use Induction Cooktop for your cooking or boiling purpose.

Philips induction cooktop


Mostly all Induction Cooktops are flat. They don't feature any kind of round or coil shape that you have to remove and clean regularly. The design of Induction Cooktop is a benifit as there is no place to food go like on gas coil. It doesn't take any time to clean Induction Cooktop as it's flat in shape. There is no worries of food getting scraped.

Buying Tips - Buy Online

If you are planning to buy Induction Cooktop, I will suggest you to buy it online. So that you can save your time and money. You can also check out the top online stores for latest deals. They offers you with some great discount and offer. You can also check our specially created list of Best Induction Cooktop.

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Induction Cooktops : Final Words

This is general guide on how to choose best Induction Cooktop. We have also provided best induction cooktops reviews in our second post. You can read reviews by clicking here. But there are many more factors available. Induction Cooktops are great way to searing food or boiling water. This are very helpful for students,housewifes and even for professional chief. I hope you guys like my guide. If you know anything about Induction Cooktops that's not written here or if you have any queries/questions regarding Induction Cooktop, you can simply drop your comment below.


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  2. Now a days most of peoples are using the Induction Cooker for cooking. But there is the little confusion about How can I choose the Best Induction Cooker in India.? Before going to buy any Induction cooker or Cooktops then you can check various parameters like How much power consumes? What are the safety features in Induction Cooker.?
    Thank you for adding the detailed article about Induction Cooker.. Check out the India's Top 10 Products.

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  4. I strongly agree that you go with a reputed brand while buying not just induction cooktops but any consumer electronics item. No one repairs these things when they stop working. With popular brands you always get technical support.

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