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Prestige Induction Stove - Full Review with Price List

As we all knows that induction cooktop is the best alternative to Gas stoves. Cooking becomes very simple and faster with Induction Stove. Prestige is the leading brand in the market of induction cooktops. Prestige Induction stove is the most promising and reputed brand.

I'll personally suggest you to buy best brands induction cooktop. Prestige is one of the best induction cooktop brand. Buy it once and then you don't have face about any kind of damage or problem. Because it comes with 1 Year warranty. And the most important thing is that Prestige have there customer care stores all over the India. So if you face any problem you can simply repair it for free with your 1 Year warranty card.

We have also collected the list of best Prestige Induction cooktops available in India. After reading reviews of users from various online stores, we have found top 5 best prestige induction cooker list. Here we have also listed best induction cooktop in cheap price. Below you can check out best induction cooktop from Prestige :

Model : Prestige PIC 1.0

Ratings : 3.8 out of 5

Pros : Cheap in price, Good design, Low power Consumption

Cons : Very small in Size

Customer Reviews and Discount
Visit : and

prestige induction stove
Prestige PIC 3.0 V2 Induction Cooktop

Model : Prestige PIC 3.0 V2

Ratings : 4.0 out of 5

Pros : Multiple Heat Modes, High Quality, Indian Menu Options

Cons : Price is high

User Reviews and Buying Options

Visit : and

Price : Around 3000 Rs.

Model : Prestige PIC 12.0

Ratings : 3.8 out of 5

Pros : Good for daily use

Check Reviews and Price

Visit : Flipkart and

Price : Around 1900 Rs.

prestige induction cooktop price list
Prestige PIC 2.0 V2 Induction Cooktop

Model : Prestige PIC 2.0 V2

Ratings : 4.3 out of 5

Pros : Awesome Design, Easy to clean, Anti-skid Steel Ring

Cons : High noise of fan, Price is higher than others

Where to Buy?

Visit Flipkart and

Price : Around 2900 Rs. 

best prestige induction stoves
Prestige PIC 6.0 Induction Cooktop
Model : Prestige PIC 6.0 IC

Ratings : 4.0 out of 5

Pros : Good with Liquid, Best user reviews, Reasonable price

Cons : We didn't find any problems

Buy and Read Reviews

Visit : Flipkart and

Final Words on Prestige Induction Stove:

As we already said, Prestige is one of the top leading brand in the market of Induction cookers. So we have listed top 5 Prestige induction stoves in above list. Read all the reviews before buying any of the cooktop. But we have listed best cooktops here. So you don't need to read reviews or waste your much time. Just visit links and buy the product.

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